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Before Takeoff Checklist for Discovery 2

At SmartDrone, we recommend using a before takeoff checklist. This helps with consistency, efficiency, and reliability

Before your first flight of each day, use our Pre-Flight check to make sure your drone is ready to fly!

 Base Station Set up and Recording 

 Area is clear of people and obstructions   
 No flight restrictions in airspace intended to be used   
 Wind gusts are below 25 mph   
 Discovery Landing gear attached and secure   
 Discovery Motor Arms locked into place   
 Propeller blades folded into position   
 MicroSD card installed in SD card slot   
 Batteries installed   
 Discovery placed at a safe launch point   
 Batteries plugged in and door secure   
 3-minute timer Started   
 Mission uploaded and downloaded   
 Calibration points are present and correct   
 Terrain following Enabled if required   
 Verify waypoint altitudes and placement   
 Verify visual observers in position   
 Timer Complete   
 Initiate Launch   


Mission Continuation - When you plan a mission and the drone returns with low batteries without completing the mission, your QGroundControl may prompt you to continue the mission. Discovery 2 does not use this feature in QGroundControl and will not trigger data collection by Discovery 2 and is not suggested for use.