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Discovery 2 Pre-flight Check

Before your first flight of the day, it is important to check the Discovery unit for proper function and loose parts

Items to Check

There are a few critical components in the Discovery 2 package that should be checked before the first flight of the day. This is a simple check to catch anything unusual or damaged before you get in the air. 

For a list of things that should be checked before each flight, use our Before Takeoff Checklist here!


1. Verify that the LiDAR lens is clean and has no scuffs or scratches.

2. Check that the lens is fully tightened, and carefully apply pressure in a Clockwise rotation to tighten (indicated in the picture). If it is tight, it should not move. Also, check for smudges or scratches on the lens.

Be sure to turn the lens cap clockwise when removing or do not rotate it at all. Turning the lens cap counter-clockwise can loosen the lens, causing it to fall out in flight.

If you accidentally remove the lens while removing the lens cap, please keep the shims and ship them back to us with the drone. This will allow us to recalibrate the camera faster and get you back in the air sooner!

3. Check that the feet are firmly attached and have snapped properly into place.

4.  Check that the motor arms lock firmly in place. There should be an audible click and no play in the arm. 

5. Verify that the propellers are in good condition. Check for:

     a. Chips or cracks on the leading edge (Green)

     b. Chips where the aluminum can contact the trailing edge of the prop (Red)