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  2. Getting Your Discovery 2 in the Air

How to assemble Discovery 2

Assemble your Discovery 2 drone prior to taking flight by adding the legs and deploying the arms.


  1. Lift Discovery 2 by the top handle.
  2. Use your other hand to add each leg.
    1. The legs attach and are removed by sliding a metal collar down.  The collar is like one found on an air hose chuck, and can be manipulated using your thumb and pointer finger while holding the leg.
  3. Set the drone down on your table or tailgate.
  4. Fold out the back arms, then the front arms, and once they click in place, give each arm a good push toward the "open" direction to ensure it is secured in the open position.
  5. Open all prop blades to the "out" or "open" position so they face away from each other with tips creating a triangle shape.
    1. The blades will spin out to the correct position when the motors spin, you will want to be sure they are mostly opened to prevent an unbalanced motor start.
  6. Add batteries by opening the back shell and sliding them in the with leads facing up. Plug in each battery by bending the leads from the top to the bottom.
  7. Add your MicroSD card to the top near the top handle. It will insert with a spring loaded click. 
  8. Plug in the batteries and close the shell to turn the drone on. The drone will make several beeping noises on startup.
  9. To pack Discovery 2 up after flight, disassemble in reverse order. The arms will collapse by depressing the thumb levers located on each arm.

To more easily close the drone, select the "Left" or "Right" (Port/Starboard) side of the drone, and face that side. Grab both of the arms at their base, and push the closing levers for each arm at the same time while pushing the arms toward the open position. 

Pushing the arms out and away from each other makes it easier to press the thumb releases.