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How to Initialize FAA Compliant Remote ID

When Turning on and connecting to drone; follow these steps to connect to the Discovery with the Remote ID initialized.

As of  Discovery Chassis Version 2.00**, Hardware for the Remote ID broadcasting is embedded and initializes automatically. However as per Regulation the controller requires the user to review the Remote ID information before each flight. 

Likewise the drone will not arm until the Pilot has reviewed the Remote ID information in following with FAA Regulation


To Review the Remote ID information on the Herelink controller.


Step 1:

- Boot the Drone and follow normal pre-flight checks for drone deployment. 

Step 2:

- Turn on the controller and on select the "HereLink Settings"  app

Step 3:

- In the top right corner select the "REMOTEID" tab

Step 4:

- Review the information and update the "Operator" field with your FAA registered ID number 

Step 5: 

- Wait for the string of location information to populate on the bottom of the screen under "Info" and you see:

      -"Ready to Arm = Yes"

      -"RID Connected = True"

With that the RID is now initialized 


On the left Side of the screen clicking the circle will return you to the main menu where you can open QGroundControl to connect to the Drone, plan your missions, and fly. 


Congratulations you are now FAA Remote ID compliant


**As of 12/01/2023 all Discovery Units purchased will come with this feature. During any Repair or Maintenance of a Discovery Drone the option to upgrade to Remote ID will be available. If you have any questions about how to upgrade your unit please call or email your purchase representative.